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Orlando Bee RemovalThere are many reasons why killing the bees is not the best choice. For example, hiring a pest control company will result in only the living bees being killed. Leaving behind the entire contents of the nest, Including all of the wax, Honey, unborn bees, and not to mention all the dead bees. Doing this could lead to a foul smell and potentially structural damage. Also, leaving behind the contents will attract other bee colonies in the future as well.

I am registered beekeeper with the state of Florida, approved by the state to perform live Oviedo FL bee removal and relocations. As a beekeeper, we look at bee removal services from a completely different perspective than a pest control company does. We offer no-kill bee removal. We frequently donate these colonies to local beekeepers. Call to be added to the waiting list.

Once removed we will relocate the bees to a rehabilitation yard, keeping a close eye on them and give them whatever resources are necessary to survive the process. If the bees survive the first winter, they will go out into a regular bee yard and provide pollination services as well as production of honey. Unfortunately, they don’t always survive.

Oviedo FL Bee Removal

Orlando Bee Removal
Orlando Bee Removal
Orlando Bee Removal
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